STATS, Quarter 1, Week 4 Plans

We will begin Chapter 2:  Collecting Data Sensibly

Monday-  Lecture Section 2.1:  Observations and Experimentation, Exercises 2.1-2.12

Tuesday-  Lecture Section 2.2: Sampling, add Exercises 2.15-2.30 (multiples of 3)

Wednesday-  Complete 2.1-2.2 Exercises (Due at end of class), Begin Ch. 2 Vocabulary Activity

Thursday-  Complete Chapter 2 Vocabulary Activity

Friday-  Chapter 2 Vocabulary Quiz, Fermi Friday

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WOHS Stats, Quarter 1, Week 2 Plans

We are continuing our introduction to statistics as we complete Chapter 1 this week.

Monday-  Finish Current Events

Start Section 1.4:  Types of Data

Tuesday-  Check Exercises 1.1-1.11 (from last week) and Vocabulary Flashcards

Continue Section 1.4:  Distribution Tables and Frequency Distribution Tables

Wednesday-Continue Section 1.4:  Bar Charts

Thursday- Continue Section 1.4:  Dot Plots

Friday-  Section 1.4 exercises 1.12-1.31 (omit 12, 13, 18, 19)


Heads up!  This completes Chapter 1.  We will review next Tuesday and take the Chapter 1 test on Wednesday.