Statistics: 2nd Quarter, 4th Week

As Thanksgiving nears, please allow me to share my thanks to all my students and their parents.  Thank you students for showing up each day with a desire and love of learning.  Thank you parents for entrusting me with the education of your children.

Monday-  Conditional Probability, Section 6.4

Tuesday-  Conditional Probability, Day 2

Wednesday-  Probability and Independence, Section 6.5

Thursday-  Probability and Independence, Day 2

Friday-  We will answer the question “What is the probability of Mr. Brown bringing some treats?”

Statistics: Second Quarter, Week 3

This week, we will begin Chapter 6:  Probability.  Please be patient with me as I continue to get your work into the gradebook.  I promise, you’re all easily passing.


Monday-  Chapter 6 Section 1:  Intro

Tuesday- Section 2:  The definition of Probability

Wednesday- Section 3:  Probability Properties

Thursday- Section 4:  Conditional Probability

Friday-  Current Events


Stats: 2nd Quarter, Week 2

My apologies for uploading this so late.  I was out yesterday and am playing catch up.

Monday-  Chapter 5, Section 1:  Corrrelation

Tuesday-  Correlation does not imply causation.  Discussion.  Much discussion

Wednesday- 1/2 day

Thursday-  Chapter 5 :  Creating and Interpreting the Line of Best fit

Friday-  Current Events

Stats: Second Quarter, Week 1

October 23-October 27

Monday-  We will begin by learning how to find the 5 number summary using technology.  Then, we will begin work on our Chapter 4 Project.

Tuesday-  Today will be a project work day for those who are present.  Go Band!

Wednesday-  Today will be the final workday on the project.

Thursday-  Project Presentations and an introduction to Chapter 5:  Correlation

Friday-  Current Events